A blacksmith whose daughter has been stolen from him


Tough and stocky, Murl has a heavy build that is all too common amongst men in his occupation. He has a number of scars running down his face, but often they’re far too obscured by soot or dust to notice.


Murl moved to Cedar Hollow only a month before Thefeel and Sierra reach the hamlet. His daughter is subsequently kidnapped by goblins holed up in a ruined temple.

Throwing himself at the party’s feet, Murl begs for their help in retrieving his daughter. They agree and he decides to guide them through the Bristleback Woods and to the ruined temple the goblins are using as a stronghold.
However, when the goblins attempt an attack while the party is fast asleep, Murl is no where to be found. Murl appears again when the party finds his daughter shackled and chained to a cell in the temple.
Suspicious, Thefeel harasses Murl, attempting to intimidate, interrogate and incapacitate him while Sierra hesitates in releasing his daughter. Eventually, she caves and unshackles the young girl who scarpers out of temple in fear.
Murl attempts to chase after his daughter but is fired at by Thefeel, who misses both of his shots. He bolts out of the castle, after the young girl and both disappear into the Bristleback Woods.

Thefeel’s attempts to track the pair end without success, with more pressing matters to take care of, he chooses not to chase any further.


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