The Circle

01 Disappearance in Cedar Hollow
The Sub-Human Ritual

Thefeel enters Cedar Hollow, hot on the trail of his mark. His dogged pursuits lead him to the eastern edge of the empire, on the frontiers of civilisation.

Walking into The Lazy Ox, a ramshackle trader’s that doubles as a tavern, he finds Sierra sipping tea at the bar. Instantly transfixed at the curious sight of a Warforged, he immediately strikes up a conversation with her. Despite his initial shyness, he not only discovers Sierra’s loves of kittens but that the trail that he had so zealously pursued has all but vanished in the wind.
Before he can stew in his disappointment for too long, a frantic villager breaks in. Desperate, he kneels and grabs both Thefeel and Sierra’s legs, begging them to help find his daughter. He suspects her kidnapped by the goblins, fortified only a short distance past the Bristleback Woods.

Sierra agrees to help immediately. Thefeel, conscious of the entire taproom’s gaze, decides he may as well lend a hand. Murl offers to be their guide through the the woods and into the goblin’s fortifications, in exchange for the safe recovery of his daughter. The duo agree to follow his lead.
Hours later, a pair of goblin scouts surprise both Thefeel and Sierra in their sleep. Due to Sierra’s careful planning, traps were already set up, preventing the party from being killed in their beds. The duo repel the attack but soon discover that Murl has vanished without a trace.

After a little more of Thefeel’s careful tracking, the pair discover the goblin stronghold. A ruined temple has since been converted into some sort of a home for a small horde of goblins.
Fighting their way inside, they discover a temple filled with sculptures and iconography they don’t recognise at all. Despite this, the pair still manage to find an item hidden on a secret altar within the temple’s main hall.
The horn appears to grant endless food that Sierra proceeded to use to feed her kittens, however, without identification, the horn could be anything.

The duo eventually find a young girl shacked to a pair of iron cuffs, chained to the wall. It appears as though symbols and sigils of blood had been plastered in some form of ritualistic manner in the cell the young girl was in.
The young girl appeared terrified but unable to speak, just gesturing incoherently, begging to be unchained from her bindings. The duo hesitate, arguing over what should occur. Just when a decision regarding the young girl is about to be made, Murl arrives behind Thefeel, who was watching the entrance into the goblin’s ramshackle prisons.

Thefeel immediately becomes suspicious of Murl and begins to roughhouse the village blacksmith. After attempting to intimidate, interrogate and incapacitate Murl and failing to accomplish anything, Sierra sets the young girl free. Murl immediately chases after her, despite repeated threats from Thefeel.

Thefeel fires his arrows twice but fails to cripple Murl both times, leaving Murl and the young girl little more than a shimmer in the horizon. One of Thefeel’s failed shots managed to wake a barrack of sleeping goblins, necessitating a hasty exit.
Sierra and Thefeel rush out of the temple with six goblins in pursuit, Thefeel attempts to track Murl to no avail. Frustrated, he takes it out on the goblins giving chase. Sierra decides she’s entirely disinterested in participating in a show of unnecessary Elvish masculinity and decides to climb up a tree and watch.

Thefeel picks off half the mob easily but nearly dies by the swift retaliation of the goblin short-bows. Sierra waits until Thefeel is in appropriately dire straits to help him with a crossbow. After making a couple of well-aimed shots, her success gets to her and she falls off the treetop. Eventually the pair manage to clean up the remaining goblins while some flee into the vegetation.

Regardless of their innumerable mishaps, the pair emerge successful from a dive into the ruined temple of Malthea, somewhat successfully reuniting a father with his much-beloved daughter.

3 Minor Potions
1 Potion of Fire-Breating (2d4)
15 Goblin Arrows
Unidentified Golden Horn



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