Ruined Temple of Prosferothea


Hidden only a day-and-a-half away from Cedar Hollow lies the ruined temple of Prosferothea. Nestled in the Bistleback Woods, the temple remains difficult to reach as travelling through the goblin-infested terrain remains treacherous for even the hardiest of folk.

Despite its current disrepair, the temple and Cedar Hollow has an extensive history. The frontiersmen who first settled the village discovered the temple long before the goblins ever did. To the new settlers, the temple was filled with alien imagery: A goat with broken horns, a nude maiden and a snaked curled, rising upward from the earth.
Unsure of what the structure was and not nearly superstitious enough to concern themselves with the strange idolatry, the fresh settlers chose to expand the structure and use it as a site of worship for their deities: The Three. The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Most often the frontiersmen prayed for bountiful harvest on difficult land or for protection from the sub-humans.

The temple was a cornerstone for the community until the goblin infestation finally reached Cedar Hollow. The sub-humans took control of all that’s called the Bristleback Woods to the north of the village, effectively cutting the settlers off from their deities.
The temple of Prosferothea was once again re-purposed into a goblin stronghold, utilised as a conduit for the vile rituals their kind is so compelled to commit.

Ruined Temple of Prosferothea

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