Thefeël Dragonarrow

A Wood Elf Ranger hunting thief with a precious artefact


Wood Elf Ranger

AC: 15 HP: 11 SP: 35 PP: 14

STR: 8 (-1) DEX: 18 (4) CON: 13 (1)
INT: 14 (2) WIS: 14 (2) CHA: 6 (-2)

Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Mask of the Wild

Favoured Terrain: Forest
Favoured Enemy: Orcs

Common, Elven, Drwarvish, Orcish


A Wood Elf whose talent in woodworking lent him a small reputation and a good amount of money.

Thefeel was picked up by the master of the Consortium at a young age when he won an archery tournament in Dhaleigh. However, instead of furthering the child’s obvious skill with a bow, the master chose instead to focus of Thefeel’s fingers.
He honed the child’s delicate fingers into the tools of a master craftsman and just a few years, Thefeel became one of the most famous woodworkers in all of the Consortium.

Despite all his gifts, Thefeel never felt at home in the Consortium. He had always been far too shy and clumsy with his words for his genteel patrons and his high-born brothers in the Consortium.
All this changed when he met a mysterious new addition to the Consortium’s ranks: A short Dwarf who refused to share his name with anyone. Despite their solitary natures, Thefeel and the Dwarf quickly became fast friends. The Dwarf showed an intense appreciation of Thefeel’s technical skill and Thefeel had never seen anyone work stone into such wondrous liquid forms. So deep was their friendship that in their short time together, Thefeel learned Dwarvish and eventually, the name of his stoic friend.

Thefeel’s joy was not to last. He awoke one morning to screams from within the Consortium’s halls. When he arrived at the scene, the first thing Thefeel saw was his friend’s body crumpled on the floor with an ever-growing pool of blood surrounding it. A heavily hooded thief was standing above his friend, his feet on the Dwarf’s lifeless head as he cackled with laughter.
The thief had broken into the Consortium’s safe and stolen one of their most precious and powerful artefacts: The Staff of Modys. With such a fearful artefact in the thief’s hands, no one could stand up to him. Thefeel had to watch as the thief strolled out of the Consortium’s halls, without a care in the world.

Despite protestations from the master of the Consortium, Thefeel convinced the master to allow Thefeel to hunt down the thief and deal with him personally. Thefeel swore to himself that he would find the thief and he would kill the man that murdered his friend, no matter what it took.

Thefeël Dragonarrow

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